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Bass says Republicans should nominate a winner — himself

21 Jul

In the second in a series of videos promoting his campaign, Charlie Bass makes a pretty candid case for why he’s the best Republican candidate in the field — he’s going to win.

“We have to nominate candidates that can win in November, who can attract the support of Republicans, Independents, and some Democrats,” says the moderate GOP candidate. “This is the year. This is the tipping point for New Hampshire, and for America.”

And in many ways, Bass has it right. He’s not going to win voters with his strong personality or pizzaz in campaigning — as one Democrat said, he’s a fairly vanilla ice cream kind of guy.

Bass’s strength is in his moderation, and that’s how he’ll appeal to most New Hampshire voters, who are overall a pretty moderate bunch themselves.

Watch Bass’s other videos at his YouTube channel here.

Interestingly enough, the video comes two days after opponent Jennifer Horn announced that her campaign was endorsed by NH Cornerstone Action Political Action Committee, a significant nod from this conservative group.

Despite her lack of fundraising strength, Horn has done well in recent straw polls among GOP voters and has the potential to mobilize the GOP vote with her social conservatism.

For Bass, his difficult job is to convince Republicans that Horn is too conservative to win without alienating his own conservative base. He knows that Democrats would love to see a Horn victory.

One Democrat at a Swett event put it more bluntly:

“Jennifer Horn scares the heck out of me. She is a radical. She’s too right-wing for us. But of course I hope she wins the primary — I’d love for a Democrat run against her!”