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Quotes of the week — June 6-12

13 Jun

Winston Churchill famously said that the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

Now, obviously this is a gross exaggeration. But Americans are an eccentric bunch.

And in following the candidates on the campaign trail, I’ve heard some pretty amusing or at least thought-provoking statements from both the candidates and their supporters.

Below are the best of the best:

  • Obama was talking to Paul McCartney because he’s British. British Petroleum. See?” — A female voter explaining the conspiracy that she believes exists between President Barack Obama, singer Paul McCartney, and BP.
  • “You can be stabbed to death or carbon-monoxided to death. But it’s still to death.” — A man providing commentary on Social Security and other government benefits.
  • “Would you consider getting rid of the highly dangerous and unconstitutional FED?” — A question posed to Republican candidate Bob Giuda by one of his supporters. Giuda answered that it would probably be too politically unpopular to do so.
  • “Are you a Democratic operative?” — A question posed to me by a Republican committee event organizer. No, definitely not. Although I would relish a title as cool as “operative.”

Check back tomorrow for a recap and analysis of the Republican candidate appearances at the Hillsborough Flag Day Picnic.