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Candidate hopes to fund bid with gun raffle

13 Jun

It’s not unusual for candidates in modern elections to provide donors with tokens of appreciation — perhaps a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

But for supporters of Wesley, “Wes” Sonner, a new Republican candidate in the race, giving money could result in a much more interesting prize — a firearm.

Wes Sonner

Sonner, an Air Force veteran and software engineer from Mt. Vernon, is holding two raffles to fund his candidacy in which firearms will be distributed as the winning prize.

He is running a campaign based primarily on Second Amendment rights.

“I cannot find a gun law that is, in whole, constitutional,” he wrote on his website.

“There are portions of the Gun Control Act of 1968 relating to restrictions on convicted criminals and the mentally insane for which I confess to have a soft spot.”

Sonner and Joseph Reilly of Milford — two Republican unknowns — both filed to run in the race for New Hampshire’s 2nd district on Friday. Reilly had no campaign website as of Saturday evening.

To read more about the raffle, go to Sonner’s website here and click on the “Raffle” tab at the top.