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Horn grasps at history to “connect” with voters

17 Jun

CONCORD, NH — At the Concord GOP meeting, Senate candidate Ovide LaMontagne articulated the ideal in American politics, and the hope of many Republicans for November.

“It’s not going to be about the candidate with the most money. It’s going to be about the candidate that connects the best with the people,” he told the small crowd gathered Thursday night.

The cover of a pamphlet promoting Jennifer Horn, with an image of the Boston Tea Party used to galvanize voters.

This theory may be no more than a hope, but for Jennifer Horn, who is working to catch up to more successful fundraising opponents from both parties, connecting with voters is her best bet.

But Horn’s not looking to flashy new language and images designed in the 21st century. She’s looking to the 18th.

Trying to capitalize on Tea Party Movement successes in other parts of the country and voters angry with Democratic spending and health care measures, Horn has sought to make connections between the current political state and that of the American Revolution.

A recent campaign flier shows the original Boston Tea Party and urges voters to view the outcome of the 2010 elections as equally important as the challenges that faced the Founding Fathers. Horn frequently calls the upcoming election the most important in her lifetime, and urges voters to bring a “new day” to politics.

Republicans at local town meetings certainly seem galvanized about the election and eager to have their turn at the helm of government. For many, they haven’t seen the change President Obama promised in his campaign, and they’re ready to downgrade the size of federal government — especially Republicans in New Hampshire.

With moderate Charlie Bass running a solid campaign based on his experience in Washington, Horn and fellow conservative Bob Giuda have significant leeway to move significantly to his right, capturing voters frustrated with the former Congressman’s moderate stance — explaining why Horn might present herself as a modern-day Patrick Henry.

Of course, it’s possible that voters will view Horn’s strict interpretation of the Constitution, grasps at American Revolution allusions  and parchment paper-website backgrounds as entirely ridiculous.

But the strategy has proven successful for others. And for Horn, the chances that voters angry with Democrats and President Obama will admire her appreciation for history and grasp of rhetoric is probably too great to pass up.