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Horn serves as guest on Sarah Palin Radio station

23 Jun

Jennifer Horn was a guest on Sarah Palin Radio.

Playing to her strengths as a former talk show host, Republican Jennifer Horn served as a guest on Sarah Palin Radio Monday, joining Republicans who have been interviewed as part of the “Conversations with Conservative Candidates” series.

You can listen to the interview here.

The show is not hosted by Palin, nor does it imply the former Governor’s endorsement of Horn. But the show has highlighted many Tea Party and conservative candidates who share Palin’s general ideological perspective, connecting them with supportive listeners.

Horn used the segment to repeat her go-to talking points, calling for smaller government, term limits and a return to conservatism in Washington. She was sure to define the race as one that will provide voters with a clear choice — in which she alone is the “true conservative” in the competition.

“This is a very clearly defined race up here n the 2nd district,” she said.