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Kuster talks jobs, higher ed to students at Keene State

12 Sep

KEENE, NH — Democratic candidate Ann McLane Kuster spoke to college students at Keene State College today, where she spoke about increasing access to higher education and the unique challenges facing college students today.

Two days before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, she joined competitor Katrina Swett and Democratic Senate candidate Paul Hodes in Keene — Main Street was flooded with signs by the end of the day.

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Hodes highlights Dem strength at Keene community lunch

12 Sep

KEENE, NH — As Paul Hodes shouted about taking on the Republicans in November to an enthusiastic, applauding Democratic crowd in Keene on Sunday, it was clear that liberals in New Hampshire won’t go down without a fight.

Paul Hodes, right, and his wife Peggo, perform for community supporters in Keene on Sunday.

Hodes is the Congressman in the 2nd district vacating his seat to run as the the sole Democratic nominee for the Senate. A relatively popular Representative among liberals, he trounced Jennifer Horn in his 2008 reelection and made headlines beating then-incumbent Charlie Bass in 2006.

But he faces a tough Senate fight this fall, no matter who Republicans elect on Tuesday. So far, he is trailing likely Republican nominee Kelly Ayotte by several points.

But the community support he received Sunday showed  the degree to which he has benefitted from running without opposition as the Democratic nominee, and provides an interesting contrast with the race between Democrats vying for his seat, which has been a bitter, at times unpleasant, struggle.

On Sunday he recieved enthusiastic support from a clearly very liberal crowd — many of whom, incidentally, were sporting Kuster stickers.

The Congressman, who has run against (and beaten) two of the three Republican candidates running in the 2nd district race, thinks whoever the Democrats elect on Tuesday will run a strong November fight against the conservatives.

“We’re going to have on Tuesday, or whenever the results come in, a tremendous Democratic candidate,” he said.

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Check back this evening for a post on Democratic candidate Ann McLane Kuster’s appearance at Keene State.