Kuster unveils green jobs plan

9 Aug

Democratic candidate Ann McLane Kuster announced today a green energy jobs plan that she said could create between 5,000 and 7,000 new jobs in the state in the renewable energy sectors.

Kuster, who was endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters, has made job creation and clean energy development top issues in her race for New Hampshire’s 2nd district seat.

“These are not the jobs of tomorrow – they are the jobs of today,” she said.

Kuster’s plan outlines five steps she would take to create jobs and support clean energy without increasing the deficit.

“Instead of adding to the deficit, I would cut it by cutting subsidies to big gas and oil companies,” she said.

Kuster served on the New Hampshire advisory board for the Trust for Public Lands, and was instrumental in convincing lawmakers to ban the burning of construction debris in Hopkinton. Her husband Brad is an environmental lawyer.

Kuster’s plan:

1.     Pass comprehensive energy legislation that will provide incentives for businesses to use and produce cleaner forms of energy. Washington deadlocked on comprehensive energy legislation last week.  Kuster will help change Washington and fight for national legislation that rewards the use and production of cleaner energy.   Her plan protects middle class families by using rebates or tax incentives to prevent any increase in electricity costs.

2.     Double federal support for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) of clean energy technologies. Kuster supports doubling our investment in clean energy RD&D to $8 billion a year, and making the existing R&D tax credits permanent. Both of these actions are critical to ensuring that the United States remains a leader not only in the creation of new clean energy technologies, but also in the development of new business and manufacturing processes that cut costs and increase efficiency in ways that speed the movement of new products from the lab bench to job-producing production lines.

3.     Support clean energy manufacturing jobs by extending the 48C advanced energy manufacturing tax credit and expanding the use of the Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program.  The 48c advanced manufacturing tax credit, has already helped increase the production of clean energy products throughout the country and is estimated to have helped create nearly 60,000 jobs overall. New Hampshire excels in advance manufacturing and we can take advantage of those programs better than most other parts of the country.

4.     Create Clean Energy Business Zones to take advantage of our state’s existing clean energy employers. Based on the successful Empowerment Zone concept, Clean Energy Business Zones would provide $1.2 billion in tax incentives to create centers of excellence and innovation on clean energy technology that would help small businesses and entrepreneurs create jobs in New Hampshire communities from Nashua to Berlin.

5.     Pay for these investments by shutting down taxpayer subsidies for the big power companies. We can save $45 billion in the next ten years by cutting special tax deductions, preferences, and credits currently received by multi-billion dollar oil companies alone, and another $20 billion in the next five years by preventing taxpayer-subsidized loan guarantees to new nuclear power plants. It makes no sense to continue these taxpayer-funded subsidies, especially considering the companies that receive them are some of the most profitable businesses in the world.


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