Weekly Wrap — July 18-24

25 Jul

Each weekend I post a “Weekly Wrap,” or my impressions of the race as they played out during the past seven days.

Note: This week marks the end of my reporting in New Hampshire — for now. Unfortunately vacation and school call, but I plan to return to the Granite State to report on the primary (kindness of my professors willing, of course).

Until then, follow me on Twitter at @primarywire for updates on the race.

New Hampshire, it’s been real. I’ll catch you in September.

1. Things are looking good for Ann McLane Kuster

This week brought Kuster an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters and a mention as one of Democracy for America’s “Grassroots All-Stars.” While not surprising that she would win an environmental endorsement, the move is just another indicator that her campaign continues to gain momentum.

It was good to see Kuster and opponent Katrina Swett begin addressing each other this week. But if the confrontations continue, they could lessen their ability to take on the Republicans in November. So be careful, ladies. It’s a fine balance.

2. Charlie Bass could win — but Jennifer Horn could too

Charlie Bass is the clear frontrunner in the Republican primary. He has the support of Washington and New Hampshire politicians behind him.

He has much more money and fundraising ability than either of his opponents. And as a moderate, he has the best shot at  beating the Democrats in November (or so he told voters in a YouTube video this week).

But in a year when everyone is hating on incumbents and the Washington establishment, I’m reluctant to write off Jennifer Horn’s bid quite yet.

A very conservative candidate challenging Bass to the right, she has consistently won the support of GOP voters in straw polls and could post a serious threat to his candidacy. This week, she won the endorsement of the blog GraniteGrok and conservative NH Cornerstone Action Political Action Committee.

Sure, Horn lost pretty badly in 2008. And sure, she has plenty of debt and a “loser” stigma to overcome. But she’s conservative, hard-working, and passionate — three things that could help her take Bass by surprise in September.

3. The WMUR candidate questionnaires are worth a read

Each of the candidates filled out a questionnaire submited by WMUR, and it’s well worth the read. For instance, Bob Giuda took his first job to be near airplanes, and Katrina Swett loves chocolate so much she named her dog “Cadbury.” A funny mix of answers to remind us that these people have bad taste in movies and music just like we do.

Read their answers here.


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