Swett’s strengths on display at Nashua office opening

18 Jul

NASHUA, NH — For 62-year-old Stephanie Micklon, filling out her ballot on the September 14 Democratic primary won’t be too tricky — the spry Salem resident and former NH state legislator is a Katrina Swett supporter all the way.

“My daughter says she has just a wonderful aura, and it’s true,” she said. “This is a really important year, and I’m sick of all the lies. I want people to focus on the issues that really matter, and Katrina does that.”

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Swett opened her second campaign office in Nashua today. She is the only candidate in the race to have offices in more than one location, and she has more than $1 million on hand to battle Ann McLane Kuster in the Democratic primary and the Republicans nominee in November.

The well-financed and well-known candidate is focusing her message on fighting for the middle class. While her campaign might lack some of the opposition’s grassroots enthusiasm, it was clear today that Swett will have no problem running an effective race. She is warm and enthusiastic, speaking passionately about her desire to fight for the middle class.

This woman is a pro, and it seems voters will respond to that.

“I feel very good about this campaign,” Swett said. “People are so deeply concerned about what I’m talking about, and you can tell.”

Swett’s husband Dick served as Congressman in the 2nd district in the early 1990’s, losing to Republican Charlie Bass in 1994. In 2002, she attempted unsuccessfully to unseat Bass, who is currently running to win his old seat back after losing it to Democrat Paul Hodes in 2006. Swett said she has learned from her past experiences.

“People obviously know my name better now. I have more experience, and I know what I’m doing,” she said. “I think that this election year is more volatile.”

And for Micklon, Swett is the answer to the volatile times.

“We don’t need anyone down there who doesn’t understand how hard it is to raise a family,” she said. “And if you want to talk about family values, just look at Dick and Katrina Swett. There is no better family than Dick and Katrina.”

Micklon, who worked with Kuster’s mother in the NH legislature, said she thinks both Democratic candidates are strong and would be preferable to the Republicans. But she said Swett’s passion for veterans issues and extensive political experience convinced her.

“We’re fortunate that we have two strong women candidates running,” Micklon said. “But I know Katrina doesn’t need any training when she gets there. We don’t have time for any on-the-job training. Katrina just edges her out with experience.”

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