Giuda calls gay marriage “downfall of the nation”

28 Jun

NASHUA, NH — Republican Bob Giuda may be a man of conviction, but on Monday, he took that conviction too far — or at least as far as a group of teenagers were concerned.

Speaking to rising high school seniors at a leadership conference, Giuda’s typical stump speech devolved into a series of confrontations with the teenagers, many of whom took offense at his strong criticisms of gay marriage, among other positions.

Giuda talks to rising high school seniors about gay marriage, among other issues.

In the discussion, Giuda became defensive and angry, and his arguments verged on the offensive and ridiculous, even for a socially conservative candidate.

In regards to the danger of gay marriage, he said, “What’s next? Men and sheep? Women and dogs?”

He called gay marriage the root of ill in society, referring to it as the “downfall of the nation.” He called single motherhood a result of a “breakdown in marriage,” and went so far as to blame the fall of Sparta, a military power in Ancient Greece, on homosexuality among its soldiers.

The students at the American Legion Boys State and Girls State, a leadership seminar focused on government, challenged Giuda’s stances on gay marriage, in addition to his positions on such issues as taxes and national security.

The teenagers — most of whom are not yet old enough to vote — engaged Giuda in an impressive manner, quoting Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution in their arguments. They asked him how he could simultaneously discourage government intervention and also support its maintenance of marriage as a “moral and social” institution.

“Why do you have the right to legislate my morality?” asked 16-year-old Corinne Dolan of Pittsfield.

Giuda — who does support civil unions — stuck to his original premise that marriage is a moral construct intended to foster the growth of children, but he became visibly irritated and short in speaking to the teenagers, some of whom challenged or questioned his views.

“You know, there are a lot of students who want to ask questions, so I think we’re done here,” he said to a young man asking why gay couples couldn’t adopt children.

Giuda often told students who disagreed with him to “know your history” or “look at the facts” as a way of dismissing their questions.

“I see a contradiction in his views,” Dolan said. “It seems like he just wants to use government to legislate for his own beliefs.”

A Gallup poll conducted in May of 2010 showed that only 44 percent of Americans believe that gay marriage should be validated under the law, as opposed to 53 percent who think it should not be validated. Read the full report here.

However, same-sex marriage is legal in New Hampshire, and an April 2009 poll showed that 55 percent of Granite state residents support gay marriage.

But even though most of the students — who overall described themselves as fiscally conservative but split on social issues — seemed to disagree with Giuda, one young woman became very emotional as she told Giuda how much his speech had meant to her.

“I’m a Christian so it’s powerful to hear someone speak like this,” said 17-year-old Olivia Touba of Bedford. “You always hear, ‘Oh, we need to be tolerant.’ No. We need to be intolerant. We need to stick to the Bible. The way we’ve wandered, it’s sad.”

Giuda continued to argue with some of the teenagers long after his speech was over.

“So let me understand what you’re saying,” Dolan said. “If gay marriage is moral failure, and the decline of every civilization is based on moral failure, than gay marriage is…”

“The downfall of the nation, yes,” Giuda responded.

“Okay, thank you, I’m done,” Dolan told him.

14 Responses to “Giuda calls gay marriage “downfall of the nation””

  1. Vis Unita Fortior June 30, 2010 at 1:33 am #

    When I first read up on Giuda he sounded pretty good. Especially for being a former Marine officer and FBI agent and the things he has done with Americans for Resolution of Kashmir.

    But seeing him in action campaigning, with the mendacious or at least apparently deceptive things his campaign has been putting out about Jennifer Horn’s voting record, and now this, he pretty much just looks like a clown and an asshole. The classic witless “If same-sex couples can get married, one day cats and dogs will get married too!!!11!” anti-marriage stuff is bad enough – at the very least he’s obviously been left behind by history if he sincerely believes that arguments like that will get this particular cause anywhere at the current point in the debate – but “downfall of the nation”? Is this guy serious?

    With all of the possible candidates in the last decade for things that may be the downfall of the nation – out-of-control federal budgets, having to roll over and play dead when our supposedly defeated Cold War adversary invades a neighboring country, the U.S. government spying on Americans and torturing people in secret prisons and having to apologize to countries like Germany (!?!) for doing it – with all that he comes up with “same sex marriage” as the downfall of the nation? Yeah. If a bunch of teenagers can take him to pieces and expose him as being full of it I really have no interest whatsoever in Robert Giuda serving in the Congress of the United States.

    • Bill July 5, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

      With due respect, the Giuda campaign has not put out anything that is not verifiable in writing and backed up by J. Horn’s own words.

      She did not vote in the critical 2000 election or 2002. Nor did she vote in four of the five elections in the 1990’s. She also did not vote in a bunch of local Nashua elections. If she did vote, the Town of Plymouth, MA and Nashua, NH each managed somehow to lose her checklist recording – even though they have her husband’s record and her step-daughter’s voting history. There has been nothing deceptive about bringing her lack of civic participation to light – it is all recorded by each town. She did mention, in 2008, to the Keene Sentinal that she only recently became politically active – which is code for I did not vote when I should have, but please, send me to Washington.

      • Vis Unita Fortior July 8, 2010 at 3:28 am #

        Ah, okay then. If the details are out and there’s evidently no response from Horn’s campaign then I guess it’s probably legit. The Giuda people I’d talked to and seen discussing this were suspiciously evasive about the details the claims were based upon and that’s why I didn’t believe them initially. Sorry.

        However, Giuda’s performance on the same-sex marriage issue here is still enough to make me uninterested in voting for him.

    • Christine Giuda August 10, 2010 at 8:49 am #

      Jennifer Horn has no voting record!

  2. soleil10 July 1, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    It is so sad to see that the majority of these students are really confused about marriage.
    SS “marriage” is not marriage. It is the opposite of marriage. It rejects the other sex, half of humanity. It cannot reproduce itself without the other sex anyway. It is regressive and inferior to evolution itself.
    Every child has the right to his father or mother. SS “marriage” is always motherless or fatherless. It violates the basic human right of children.
    Equality means 50% one man and 50% one woman. For a child equality means 50% a father and 50% one mother.
    SS “marriage” is unequal 100% of the time.

  3. Vis Unita Fortior July 1, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    soleil10 – my grandfather in his eighties married a woman in her sixties. They’re obviously not going to be having any children. Is their marriage “regressive and inferior to evolution itself” et cetera? Are you worried about “violating the basic human right of children” when the government gives people like them a marriage license?

    And obviously you don’t even give a crap about Biblical marriage if you insist upon “50% one man and 50% one woman”, you just care about forcing the government to only give out marriage licenses to people exactly like you. Since obviously quite a few Biblical marriages included a little bit more than 50% woman, see King Solomon as an example. It’s sad to see so many people today ignorant of the Bible and confused about marriage like you are. Oh wait… maybe *God* is confused about marriage with all of the things he was saying in the Bible that don’t fit *your* ideas.

    Yeah, sorry. If the government is going to be licensing marriages there isn’t going to be any picking and choosing and only certain citizens whose beliefs meet with government approval get marriage licenses. This is the “Live Free or Die” state, remember? And we mean it, at least most of us do.

    I would say that these kids have a considerably greater capacity to reason morally about this stuff and I’m glad they were around when Giuda was talking nonsense. It’s pretty hilarious that Giuda was the one talking about sheep and dogs getting married but it’s the kids who you’re trying to call confused.

  4. So What July 2, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Gimme a break… Giuda is right, you ambulance-chasing pundits are WRONG.

    Gays have the right to be left alone to behave as they please, but they should stop asking for preferential treatment from the government based on their sexual habits!.

    NOTHING wrong with what Giuda said… about time we had someone who would stand up for what’s right!

  5. Vis Unita Fortior July 2, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    Face it, the only other thing that could possibly have made sense would have been to get the government out of marriage altogether and make everything a civil union and leave marriage to churches. But no, out of your greed and your pride you wanted the government to be issuing special licenses that could only go to people like you… and you evidently expected everyone else to forget that we’re Americans… too bad for your cause you didn’t have a little more humility and self-respect, but instead went around talking about dogs and sheep getting married.

    So “Boston marriages” as they were already being called well more than 100 years ago – because really, no one has ever had any problem recognizing that a permanent same-sex relationship is a marriage – have joined inter-faith marriages and inter-racial marriages as something the misanthropes in America just couldn’t stop no matter how hard they tried.


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