In the News — June 25

25 Jun

The 2nd district race has popped up in the news recently, as some of the candidates garner endorsements from interest groups and individuals and the September primary approaches.

Here are some of the recent mentions and items of interest. For frequent updates on the 2nd district in the news, follow us on Twitter at @primarywire.

1. The Fix lists district as likely to switch parties

Chris Cillizza, author of the Washington Post political blog The Fix, listed NH’s 2nd as one of his top 30 picks for districts most likely to change parties in the fall, calling attention to the race and questioning Democratic ability to beat Charlie Bass.

“The open seat occasioned by Rep. Paul Hodes‘ Senate candidacy hasn’t drawn much national attention but is a concern for Democratic strategists,” he writes.

Read the entire description, and the rest of The Fix list here.

2. Bass receives support of 6 sheriffs

Bass’s campaign issued a press release Thursday, announcing that he had received the endorsement of six sheriffs from the 2nd district.

This could add to Bass’s moderate appeal and perception among voters that Republicans will bring a “law and order” sensibility back to the district. On the other hand, this probably won’t outweigh the unfortunate Joe Barton endorsement or voter perception of him as an incumbent.

Read the full press release here.

3. Kuster announces impressive foreign policy advisors

Ann McLane Kuster’s campaign is announcing that Terry Shumaker and John Hutson will  be joining her campaign as advisors for international and military policy, the blog Blue Hampshire reports.

The two, supporters of Clinton and Obama, bring high-profile military and foreign experience to her campaign, proving that even aside from her successful fundraising, Kuster’s first-time run is not to be taken lightly.

Read Blue Hampshire‘s full post here.


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