Giuda urges pragmatism, vows to fight “crisis of leadership”

5 Jun

AMHERST, NH — Bob Giuda gets angry when he thinks about the problems facing the country today.

“There’s so much wrong that I could talk for hours,” he told the approximately 20 members of the Amherst Republican Committee who came to Joey’s Diner on Rt. 101 to hear him speak Saturday morning.

Guida speaks to supporters in Joey's Diner on Saturday morning.

Giuda spoke with passion and vigor this morning in his condemnation of the current Democratic leadership, fiscal irresponsibility and misdirected legislation that he said is threatening the country. He received seemingly positive support from his mostly middle-aged, conservative audience.

He is hoping to overtake the more moderate, and previously elected, Charlie Bass and conservative former talk show host Jennifer Horn in the Republican primary September 14.

“What people tell me about myself that distinguishes me from others is that I get the job done,” he said.

Giuda was sharply critical of Democrats, saying he thinks legislators should have been focusing on national security issues before addressing health care, among other missteps in leadership.

“While we sat here playing with healthcare for 14 or 15 months, the People’s Republic of China bought 90 percent of the world’s lithium,” he said. “While we are playing with things that are not strategic priorities, China’s out there gaining control of a major source of the world’s energy.”

Members of the Amherst Republican Committee listen to Giuda speak.

He spoke in favor of offshore drilling and nuclear energy, called the Environmental Protection Agency “over the top,” and said immigration problems will not be solved until the United States takes a more dramatic approach.

“The answer to immigration is simple, although not necessarily politically palatable,” he said. “If you don’t have a wall, you don’t have a border.”

Giuda, who has served as an airline pilot and has experience in foreign policy, bills himself as a pragmatist willing to get the job done when other legislators might falter. He said he will oppose Congressional earmarks and unnecessary expenditures in an effort to reform the federal government. And he even took a jab at his opponents while he was at it.

“With the crisis of leadership that we have in Congress,  to send someone down there who has been and not led, or someone who has never led, is not the answer.”


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